Meet Virginia, #606



We are finally home from our vacation after a long delay in Los Angeles.  It doesn’t matter though, because I have big smiles on my face from the memories of an awesome week.  Over the next few days, I’ll continue with vacation blogs, because there are just so many stories to tell.  Today, I am writing about Virginia City, NV, an old mining town dated back to the mid 1800’s.

This charming old cowboy town is a great day trip if you are visiting Lake Tahoe, Reno or Carson City, as it is less than an hour’s drive away from any of these locales.  Our family had a great time there enjoying all of the sites, shops and friendly conversations with the locals.  The best way for me to describe our day there is through some photos.

Here’s a great view of what the town looks like.  You can see it is a quaint little street to walk up and down.


There are several great candy shops along the street.  We particularly loved watching peanut brittle be made, and I can attest that it tasted as amazing as it looks.  Here’s my husband standing outside of Red’s Old Fashioned Candy.  Look how yummy!




Even the toy gumball machines were cowboy themed.  My kids got their moustaches in one and loved walking around town with them.


The town is full of history of shoot outs and gambling.  Here we are in front of the famous Bucket of Blood Saloon and the “suicide table” at the Delta Saloon.



Our kids loved shopping for souvenirs in Virginia City.  My son loved all of the cowboy gear, and my daughter was crazy about the porcelain Victorian dolls.  I highly recommend the Pioneer Emporium in the town.  The owner, Pascal Baboulin, originally from Switzerland, is warm and helpful and up for good conversation.  He welcomes you into his store with pride and kindness, and it feels good to shop in this delightful setting with a beautiful steam train right in the middle of the store.  There is even a custom hat maker in the back, and shopping in this store ended our day feeling so good about this wonderful little town.



For a bite to eat, try the Comstock Corner Cafe for a good home-made meal.  Check back tomorrow for another blog devoted to this great little restaurant with the nicest staff.


My song of the day is “Meet Virginia” by the band Train.  It is the only song I know with the word “Virginia” in it, and Virginia City is the “Virginia” that I hold close to my heart.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear the song, and please do consider a visit to this fantastic town if you’re ever in the neighborhood.  I can promise you a day that you’ll never forget.



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