The Stranger, #607


I am far from being a cynic, but still, when I encounter unexpected kindness from strangers, it always throws me for a loop.  Today’s blog is a great example of a complete stranger stepping up to the plate to help someone for no other reason but to be helpful.

My family and I had just left the town of Virginia, City, NV after spending a wonderful day enjoying all it has to offer.  We were coming down the mountain and soaking in the views and the sunset, our heads buzzing from the full day we had just experienced.  Check out this picture.  You can see the zone I was in.


As we got down to the bottom of the mountain, we were meeting a friend for dinner, and I was searching for my phone to call him.  Gone.  Crap!  What to do!  My husband pulled over on the shoulder of the road, and decided to call the last shop we were in.  I had last used my phone sitting on a bench outside of a gift shop, and all we could remember was the name “Comstock.”  Well, it ends up that everything in Virginia City is named “Comstock” due to the Comstock Lode silver strike of 1859.

Unfortunately, we called the wrong store.  We ended up calling the Comstock Corner Cafe, but lucky for us, a gentleman who answered the phone by the name of Richard was as friendly and as kind as can be.  “Hang on a sec.  Our cafe is right across the street from the store you were in.”  He put us on hold, went and found my phone and held onto it until we came back.

There it is…unexpected kindness from a stranger.  Several years ago, I had a cell phone stolen.  It got in the hands of a bad person, and it was a brand new phone at the start of a new contract.  It was awful losing my phone, and so from that experience, I think my gratitude towards Richard from the Comstock Corner Cafe is as enormous as it can get.

When we arrived back at the cafe, Richard was there smiling with cell phone in hand.  I told him I would blog about his kindness, and he seemed really pleased that I could spread the news of the Comstock Corner Cafe.  As it ends up, The Comstock Corner Cafe used to be an old-time photo souvenir shop.  Newly converted, many people don’t know that they have now opened a restaurant.  Just look how quaint this sweet little homey place is!



It ends up that Richard is the chef, and you can just tell how proud he is of this new little restaurant.  I encourage you all to check out this adorable little spot on a mountain top high above the cities of Reno and Carson City, NV.  This is the exact sort of Mom and Pop shop I love to give my business to, and if their care in their food is anything like the care they show to complete strangers, you know you’ve got to be enjoying something good.  Here is a link to their website and menu: , and I encourage you all to check this place out if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

My song of the day is Billy Joel’s “The Stranger’ as an ode to a stranger who I was so happy and so grateful to come across and meet.  Click HERE to hear the Billy Joel classic and know that I am using this 1970’s tune as a huge thank you to the best kind of stranger.  Thank you to Richard at the Comstock Corner Cafe in Virginia City, NV.  Thank you for saving my phone and for no longer being a stranger!


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