I Had a Rainbow Connection, #608


The title of this blog post is true!  I had my very own personal “Rainbow Connection” last week in San Francisco with the weirdest and most extreme reaction.  I hope I don’t come off too freaky deaky today, but it is a true story, so here goes.

When my family arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge, it was windy and rainy and sunshine was trying with all its might to peek out from the clouds.  Finally, the sky successfully produced the most unbelievable full rainbow across the bay right next to the bridge.  Check out these pictures.  You can just see how unforgettable it was.

SF_GGBBridgeRainbowSFView SF_GGBRainbowFull SF_GGBRainbow1

I need to admit a weird fear to all of you in order to explain the rest of this story.  I have a fear of really famous things.  I call it “monument fear” though I’ve never met another person who experiences what I go through when I see really famous landmarks.  It’s not really a fear—-more like an adrenaline rush that causes me to be breathless.  I think seeing really famous things just blows my mind away.

Anyhow, my family began walking across the bridge.  I was stopping to take pictures of the rainbow, so they were several feet ahead of me.  The rainbow was so close to the bridge, and I realized that if I looked over, I’d see the end of it.  Of course, I just had to look for the pot of gold.  So I went to the edge, looked over and realized how high up we were.  I don’t really have a fear of heights, because I can be standing in a tall building looking over the edge of a balcony with no problem.  This was different, however.  I was on the famous Golden Gate Bridge with nothing but water below me, and my knees began to shake.

I willed myself to walk further along, but I could just tell that panic was setting in.  Annoyed with myself, I turned around and shamefully walked back off the bridge.  I knew I was being ridiculous, but I was perfectly happy to admire the bridge from afar.  Yes, I am absolutely aware of how weird of a reaction it was, but heck….no use in being miserable at a spot that was so magically beautiful with a rainbow and all.

So, that is my strange “rainbow connection,” and of course, it is my song of the day, too, even though I’ve used Kermit’s version for a previous blog.  Click HERE to hear our favorite green crooner sing this lovely song about his “Rainbow Connection.”

I am telling you all this story today just on the up chance that there is possibly somebody out there who shares my weird idiosyncrasy.  If it is you, and you are reading this blog post, please feel free to comment.  I would love to know that my weirdness is not alone.


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