Put On a Happy Face, #609


One thing that I have learned about my kids over the years is that they love, love, love those silly face-in-the-hole cut out stands at tourist sites.  They go nuts for them!  On our recent vacation, they strongly felt that every time they stuck their little faces through one, it was an absolute necessity that I should take a picture of them.

Looking back on photos through the years, I’ve realized just how many of these pictures I really have.  So, I’ve compiled them.  Check these out:

At Buckelew Farms…our nearby pumpkin patch:

Cutout_HBukelewFarms2 CutOut_HBuckelew1

At Tucson’s Trail Dust Town:


At our home one year for a 4th of July party.  Even the cat got in on the action!


My favorite….my kids made their own cut outs for a camp staff party:


At Tucson’s Village Farm:

Veggies FarmerPickles

At the 2012 Tucson JCC/Israel Center Hanukkah Party:

JulieHaleyPamelaMural3 HaleyPamelaJulie_Mural1

Now for the recent photos.  At Japan Center in San Francisco:



My daughter turned the camera on US in Lake Tahoe, NV!!!!


And….finally…in Virginia City, NV:


You can see….a lifetime of memories through cut out faces all with big grins expressing pure happiness.  That is why my song of the day is Dick Van Dyke singing “Put On a Happy Face” from the musical “Bye Bye Birdie.”  Click HERE to go to Youtube to listen to this very happy tune, and next time you’re at a tourist site, make sure to have your camera ready when you see the cut outs.  Because you KNOW that those smiles are surely to be big!


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