Falling Star, #615


Oh Justin, Justin, Justin……has your ego gotten so big that showing up to a concert two hours late is now acceptable to you?  Dear sweet 19-year-old boy, if I was your mother, I would realize that you might be in need of a good dose of some family grounding.

I can’t believe that I just read that you let down a mass of London pre-teens so excited to see their favorite pop star on a school night.  The story goes that kids had to go home never even hearing you sing one note.  I truly hope that you remember that most kids your age have to go school on weekday mornings and can’t stay out until all hours of the night.  Your fans do not have the same life that you do and still have school bells chiming in their ears at 8am.

According to the CNN report I listened to (Click HERE to hear it), you apologized in a Tweet that you were 40 minutes late due to technical issues back stage.  You were two hours late, Justin, and that story just doesn’t fly!  There is no explanation that will satiate your young fans.  They have been let down, and you need to realize that your career is headed downhill if you continue to make mistakes like this one.  Own up to it, and please find a way to make it right.  Music is one of the most deeply meaningful ways that people connect, and you have been blessed that you have a career that allows you to create music for a living.  Never take that for granted.

My song of the day is by another young pop star, David Archuleta.  He was only 16-years-old when he was the runner-up on American Idol, but he never got as famous as you are.  I guarantee you, he has also never shown up 2 hours late for a concert before.  He sings “Falling Stars,” which is exactly what you’ll become if you don’t watch it, Bieber.  Click HERE to hear it, and listen well.  You better shape up, because your star slid a little further down in the sky last night.


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