When You Believe, #629


Today is a really fun day for me, as today is the first of the 4 model Passover seders I am involved in this season.  The life of a Jewish music specialist becomes especially busy at Jewish holiday time, and Passover is no exception.  I travel from seder to seder learning different songs for each one, as they all take on their on their own personality and character.

Today’s model seder is at the Tucson Jewish Community Center at their preschool.  It is so much fun, because we actually re-enact the story in a very preschool friendly kind of a way.  We have a baby Moses in a basket from one of the infant rooms, and my husband dresses up as grown up Moses every year, too.  The hilarity of it all makes it fun for the kids and so special for all of us to put on.

Last year, I wrote a guest blog for the Tucson JCC on child-friendly seders.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, today I’m going to redirect you to that blog post for the song of the day.  The Tucson JCC offers incredible programs, and the ECE model seder and the Chocolate Seder (Click HERE for more info) are two of my favorites.

So, check out my April 2012 guest blog post, “When You Believe,” by clicking on this link:  http://www.tucsonjcc.org/2012/04/when-you-believe/

Happy Passover season to all who celebrate!


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