Good Stuff, #637


As the weather starts warming up in Tucson, I always start looking forward to the release of the summer concert lists.  We have two big casinos in Tucson each with concert venues.  Despite the heat, rockers come to the desert donned in leather and stripping off layer by layer in our impossible heat.  When I saw Duran Duran last summer at the outdoor Ava Amphitheater, it was 95 degrees at 8pm, and the Duran Duran gentlemen made comments about it all throughout the show.  Despite the sweaty bodies and lack of clothing, however, Tucsonans are starved for this type of big-name entertainment, and if we have to watch our shows in this atmosphere, than so be it.

I don’t go to as many concerts as I used to.  Having children seems to have erased the frivolous spending of good concert tickets.  The last time U2 came to Phoenix, I knew my life had changed when I wasn’t willing to shell out the $300 per ticket in order to get decent seats.  Really….my family could go on vacation for the cost of my husband’s and my tickets.  Pre-children, I wouldn’t have even batted an eye at the high ticket cost, but I guess I have my priorities.

Priorities or not, I do try to catch at least one concert during the summer.  Tucson’s Ava Amphitheater is slowly putting together a summer concert list.  The acts to note, in my opinion, are:  Tony Bennett (May 19th), LL Cool J (May 23rd), Juanes (May 30th), Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper (June 7th), and the Go-Go’s and B-52’s (July 11th).  (Here’s the Ava Amphitheater website to keep on the lookout for the rest of the summer line up: Now how do I convince Ava Amphitheater that they should hire me to blog about each of their concerts — free of charge….just give me concert tickets for me and my hubby!  I’m putting it out there…..Hey Ava…we got a deal?

So, my song of the day in anticipation of a good musical summer is the B-52’s singing “Good Stuff,” because nothing beats live music.  I am happy to say that the B-52’s will be in Tucson with the Go-Go’s!!!!  These concerts are all truly “good stuff.”  Click HERE to hear the song, and keep your eyes open for the summer concert lists in your town.  I promise you some good times ahead if you check them out.


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