When I Write the Book, #639



My daughter seems to have a real knack for writing, and I’ve been witness to her talent on a few occasions over the last year.  It’s hard to gauge creativity though, as even though I know how amazingly unique and special she is, I also know that my opinion is biased.  Over this last year, however, she has shown her awesome skills at school.

The first time I saw her writing skills being recognized was when I received a phone call from her teacher to tell me that her story had been chosen out of every first grader at their annual “teacher’s theatre.”  I blogged about it at the time, so click HERE to hear all about that very special day and to hear her story.

About a month ago, my daughter was recognized again….this time in a poetry contest.  She won first prize in her class.  Here’s the award-winning poem:


Dogs and Cats

Thunder, thunder everywhere,

Sharpei in the room right there.

Beagles in the room right here,

Oh no! Cats chasing dogs!


Short, sweet, detailed, descriptive and to the point….oozing with creativity.  Do I sound like a proud Mommy or what?

Finally, yesterday her second grade class presented their “digital readings” to their parents.  Digital readings are when the children write a story, illustrate it, and then record their voices telling the story over a slide show of their illustrations.  It was fabulous.  Again, my daughter’s story was imaginative and clever.  Her teacher even told me in a conference that she had been considering it for the teacher’s theatre and was disappointed to learn that she had received the honor last year.  A child cannot be chosen two years in a row.

Everybody has a talent, and I think my little girl may be a true writer.  She loves to read, and I am learning that her imagination is endless.  That is why my song of the day is “When I Write a Book” by late ’70’s British pop band, Rockpile.  The song was really written by Nick Lowe, vocalist and bass guitarist for the band, and today, he performs the song solo.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear it, and as you listen, know that it was meant for my extraordinary daughter today.  She is well on her way to fine-tuning her natural talent and I couldn’t be more proud.



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