Smash and Grab, #642


Yesterday we took the kids to a movie…”The Croods.”  I know my kids loved it, but parents, this is just a “for kids’ only” movie.  Don’t even try to attempt to like this cartoon, because truly….I couldn’t wait to get out of there.  Wait for it to come out on video, because despite a fun family day at the movie, it’s a total sleeper for grown ups.

That said, my musical ears perked up at one point early on in the movie.  The “Croods” family was playing a football-like game over a large bird egg.  They were trying to get the egg away from its Mama and to preserve the egg without cracking it so they could all enjoy breakfast.  The movie music chimed in, and I began to realize I was listening to marching band music.  There were even elements of Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” in the song.  This just HAD to be the USC Marching Band.  For sure, hands down, this was my favorite part of the movie.  The music added so much to the scene, and I thought it was pretty brilliant to include marching band music to this football style moment.

Lo and behold, I came home and looked it up. Yes, in fact it is the USC Marching Band playing a song called “Smash and Grab” in the movie “The Croods,” and it is a remix of “Tusk.”  I blogged once before about “Tusk” and my admiration of marching bands.  Click HERE to check out that blog.  Today, however, I am revisiting the USC Marching Band and am thanking them for adding the best part to this otherwise dull movie.  Click HERE to hear their awesome new remix, “Smash and Grab,” and behold the awesomeness of the Trojans!  The USC Marching Band could make anything exciting.  Despite the fact that I am a U of A Wildcat, USC’s marching band is amazing.  Go check out their new song, and go Trojans!


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