Boogie Shoes, #643


It is amazing how young a girl’s feminine wiles can kick in, and last night I watched the whole process in action with my daughter.  My little sweetheart has a little boyfriend who is just as equally adorable.  They really like each other, and I have to say they are pretty darn cute together.

My daughter’s crush is joining her for three days at the Spring camp she’s attending this week, and watching my daughter pick out her outfit last night was the funniest thing ever.  “Mommy, I must wear a dress.  No shorts!”  She very meticulously planned her outfit…cute strappy wedgey shoes and all.  Yep, my little girlie is date-ready.  How does she instinctually know about all of this at the bright young age of 8-years-old?  Woh….teenage years seem a little scary.

So….my blog is a toast to my daughter and her “Boogie Shoes” today…a la KC and the Sunshine Band that is.  Click HERE to listen this awesome ’70’s disco hit, and please join me in my prayers that this is not a foreshadow for years of “boogie shoes” ahead….cute boyfriends and all.


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