Don’t Speak, #647


I really hate bringing my kids to places where they’re not supposed to act like kids.  We force them to conform to adult behaviors and to be quiet.  These are miserable situations for them and miserable for me, too, to ask them to sit still.  Check out my son at an adult Temple service yesterday:


All I can say is “Thank goodness for Legos!”

Of course, I could have found a babysitter yesterday and kept him home, but if I hired a babysitter every time we were in this situation, you could kiss his college fund goodbye.  Seriously….babysitters, paid under the table without taxes taken from their salaries, are making highway robbery amounts of money.  It’s ridiculous what they are paid today.

So, we continue to drag our poor kiddos to not-so-kid-friendly venues and pray that they’ll behave according to what’s appropriate.  It’s an awful situation.  I just wish everything in life was kid friendly….except for Saturday night restaurants and R rated movies.  Those should be the safe haven date nights to get away from it all.  Other than that….all public “come one, come all” places need to lighten up.


That said, my song of the day is “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt, because I feel like my kids are asked way too often to be seen and not heard.  Click HERE to hear the song on Youtube, and I promise you…for every one time I ask them not to speak, I’m giving them at least 5 days of “speak all you want” situations.  They deserve it.


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