Minecraft, #648


My son has a huge obsession with the video game, Minecraft, and I swear…I’m beginning to believe that there are subliminal messages woven throughout it.  My boy is, for sure, a big gamer.  He loves “Indiana Jones,” “Angry Birds,” “Granny Run”….whatever he can get his hands on.  Minecraft takes it to a whole different level, however.

I’ve monitored the game, and really….there is nothing in it that seems inappropriate for young children.  Minecraft is a building game.  He builds castles, towers and homes and chooses the materials he wishes to use for each of his creations.  To me, the game actually seems pretty boring, so I just can’t understand why he is completely fixated on it.

It is the one game that I literally have had to pull out of his hands with temper tantrums to follow.  If I’d let him, he’d sit in the house all day and play Minecraft.  Of course, I’ve put limits on it, but when he walks in the house after a long the day, his first words are, “Can I play Minecraft?”  I just don’t get it.

The music, too, is weird.  My son calls it “beautiful.”  I call it “depressing.”  Whatever description you’d like to give it, it is a slow-tempo quiet ambiance filler.  Usually my kids prefer rock and roll and high energy, so what gives?  Yes, I really think that there must be creepy subliminal messages in this game…hidden voices urging young children that they must play Minecraft and think of nothing else.  You be the judge.  Click HERE to listen to the music of Minecraft.  It was created by composer, Daniel Rosenfeld, as he has been credited with creating 12 Minecraft discs.  This one is called “Calm,” but to me, this music and this game drives me nuts.  I just don’t understand the obsession.


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  1. Hi,

    I happen to agree with you there is something about Minecraft. My biggest issues is not the game but the YouTube videos. There is undoubted Subliminal Messages. My first concern was the swearing and negativity, but when you really listen you have to wonder if these guys are priming kids for more. It’s subtle but it’s there without a doubt. I think they’ve found away to prep the kids they are targeting for abuse and all under the parents noses of the innocence of a childs game. It’s very disturbing to me.

    I hate to take away the game it be used for good as well. Now reading your blog post I wonder about the game as a whole. I also have experience the temper tantrums, along with depression and uncharacteristic anger from my kids.

    Another Mother Disturbed by Minecraft.

    • My two kids play Minecraft on a server called Intercraften. I am a pretty protective mom, and have found this server to be great. There are moderators and staff on at all times. They have very strict rules and guidelines for behavior. You have to be white listed before you can join the server. I do agree that it is strangely addictive, so we have set daily time limits and that has helped. The music is weird, but I suppose it could be worse. The educational benefits can be seen through the building and conceptual planning, so for now I am supportive of it as long as they play on the Intercraften server or on their own.

  2. Hi,
    I am a local 11-year-old minecrafter and i have to agree, there is something wierd going on in minecraft. It is a totally awesome game to play and it it fun and educational, but when I really think about it, I don’t really understand why it is that i am so highly addicted to a game like this. I also have thought from the beginning of minecraft that the music was really wierd and i thought it was creepy, too. But eventually, i learned to ignore it and kinda liked it. It is relaxing and somewhat comforting. But, it is also proved that there is in fact subliminal messages in the song, crowdpleaser. The evidence it on the following website: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/535786-c418-subliminal-message/ . I drive my parents crazy playing this game, and i really dont wanna make them upset, but i JUST CAN’T HELP IT!! I truley think there are more subliminal messages found somewhere in the gam, but i dont know where. Oh, and all other minecrafters also think that its kinda wierd too, deep down, they just dont want to admit it. Trust me, everyone does..:) Thank you for this page!! hop u figure out whats going on!!:)

  3. This is a case of gaming being scapegoated. Children live in a world where they are constantly told what to do by parents, teachers, et cetera. A game like Minecraft offers a healthy release from this almost oppressive reality. People think that games must be addictive because kids enjoy them so much, but is watching football addictive? Because people get just as hyped about it as games like Minecraft. We also must consider that the media would like people to believe that video games are crippling because this will bring them readers and money. The trick is moderation, set reasonable limits and discuss them. Don’t just suddenly say “get off” and expect them to instantly obey. When you were their age and were doing something you enjoyed, would you stop just because an adult stated with no explanation? I doubt it, explaination and balance are the keys to parenthood. And to address this rubbish about ‘subliminal messaging’, please explain how a game that openly encourages modification of all parts of it’s code could use subliminal messaging (which never worked any way).

  4. I was just saying the same thing to a friend about Minecraft and subliminal messages/brainwashing these kids. I was searching the web for info on this & your blog popped up and sounds exactly like what I was saying! My son is so oddly obsessed with this game it is scary! His personality has changed within the short period of time he’s been playing it. I too have given him limitations but when it is time to come off of it or if I don’t allow him to play, the tantrum to follow is shocking! Totally not his normal behavior. So needless to say, I’m trying to keep him away from this creepy game!

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