How Sweet It Is, #657


We have a routine in my house.  I put my son to sleep every night, and my husband puts my daughter to sleep.  My husband’s been complaining about it lately.  “Why do you put him to bed every night?”  He thinks we should trade-off, but typically, the kids want it this way.  They are used to the routine and take comfort in it.

Last night my son suddenly declared that he wanted “Daddy to put him to bed.”  Fine.  My daughter was okay with it, too.  When push came to shove, however, my son started having a full-blown tantrum over it.  “I want Mommy!  I want Mommy!” he chanted through tears over and over again.

We compromised.  I spent about 10 minutes in my daughter’s room, and then I headed to my son’s.  As soon as I lay down with him, he fell asleep in an instant.  I realize and honor what I special thing that is….that he feels safe and reassured around me.  It’s like he needed me for that last final moment before he closed his eyes.

I don’t really have anything deep or profound to say about all this…except that I feel really blessed by the relationship I have with my son.  Daddy is who he turns to have fun and play with, but Mommy is who he turns to to be nurtured.  I love my role…wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

My song of the day is James Taylor’s “How Sweet It Is,” because it is how I feel about my boy….”how sweet it is to be loved by you.”  Yes, his love is very very sweet!  To listen to this full-of-sweetness love song, click HERE to go to Youtube.  “I just want to stop and thank you baby,” for the beautiful love you give to me.  I am honored to put you to bed any time you want.  I love you to pieces! xo


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