Waiting On the World to Change, #659


It’s really hard to listen to all of the awful news going on this week in Boston and in Texas and even in the White House with the ricin scare and not slip into a dark place.  The death toll and evil that seems to be lurking around every corner also takes a toll on the heart.

Of course, there are happy moments that bring me out of it, so this ache I’m feeling for mankind is not 100% consistent.  A friend’s lost dog was turned into the humane society.  I watched the performing arts club class I teach successfully deliver an incredible performance of a play I co-wrote.  One of the schools I work at granted me all of the books on my “wish list” at our Scholastics Book Fair.  These are all wonderful moments in my week that for the brief time while they were happening overshadowed all of the ugly things happening in our country.  Maybe that’s a little self-focused, but truly…it’s been nice to have the little reprieve.

As I was waking up today and reading about the developments over the night in Boston with shoot outs, explosives and suspect #1 dying, I shook my head in disbelief and feeling so let down by our human race that is supposed to be taking care of one another.  Then, I read this:


Such a simple statement, but so very wise.  With those lovely words, I am feeling a little renewed and reminded that when this situation in Boston is all said and done, we will be okay.  Yes, there are plenty of people who want to see the demise of our freedom-loving and democratic society, but our ocean remains clean!  That is a great thought and one that I felt I should share just in case there are others who need a moment of positive attitude.

My song of the day is John Mayer’s “Waiting On the World To Change.”  It WILL change.  I am sure of it, because there is a strong united group of peace-lovers out in the world, and history proves that good always prevails.  Click HERE to listen to the song on Youtube, and as you all wait with me for our world to change, let’s stand together to keep our ocean flawless.


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