The Book of Love, #660


When I was kid, I would wake up on my birthday morning in nervous anticipation wondering if when I got to school if anybody would remember it was my birthday.  My closest friends and family and some teachers would remember, but I would walk around totally aware that most people were clueless.  I felt special inside, but the real celebrating never really happened until I was with my family at the end of the day.  There were even years when I would go a whole day without even one happy birthday wish.

Facebook has changed everything.  Today I woke up to 50+ messages waiting for me and with a new message coming almost every minute.  Bright happy greetings, photos of candles and cakes, wishes from people I see almost every day and people I have not seen in years.  It is overwhelming.  My day is just beginning, and if I didn’t do anything for the rest of the day today, I would go to sleep with a smile on my face tonight feeling so loved and special.

Whoever says that Facebook takes up too much of your time and sticks their heels in the mud refusing to open an account has never experienced a birthday with the social media site.  It is truly an extraordinary invention, and I can’t imagine a birthday without it now.

My song of the day is the 1950’s hit “Book of Love” by The Monotones. Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear it.  In the song, they ask “Who wrote the book of love?”  I will tell you all the answer.  Facebook did, and I have never felt more loved.


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