I’m Going On a Manhunt, #661


There is nothing like an old friend.  One thing about birthdays that I absolutely love, love, love are the amazing phone calls you get all day long.  One of the highlights of my day yesterday was when an amazing friend called.  We haven’t spoken in a couple of years now, but it was like no time had passed.  That’s what’s so awesome about true friendships…you can pick up right from where you left off.

She told me she has been following my “song of the day.”  “I have a song for you that you have to write about! I can’t get I’m Going on a Manhunt out of my head lately!”  “I can’t write about that song,” I replied, “People are going to think I’m having problems with my marriage.”  Silence.  Then a squeal of laughter that lasted for several long minutes.  Shared laughter with an old friend is irreplaceable and the best birthday gift ever.

On a more somber note, I am deeply missing a birthday phone call with an old friend today, too.  My Aunt Ruth and I shared our birthdays, and today, if she were still alive, I believe she would have been 96-years-old.  Our age difference didn’t matter.  She taught me that you should always have friendships with people of all ages.  The younger ones make you more hip, and the older ones make you more wise.  Wise she was, and we spoke every year on April 21st.  Boy….I’m missing that call today, but I am thinking of her and am valuing the power of true friendship.

So, old friend, hopefully the title of this blog will not lead people to believe that I am having marital issues, but this one is for you.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to see a pretty risque scene from the movie Flashdance as Karen Kamon sings “I’m Going on a Manhunt ,” and know that as I am listening, I am thinking about that awesome laugh we had over this song.  Hug your friends closer today, because there’s nothing like them.


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