The Maccabeats, #662



I moved to Tucson from Los Angeles in 2004, and one of things that I’ve really missed about living in a big city is all of the cultural opportunities that come along with it.  I went to a ridiculous amount of concerts back in those days, but of course, this was also during my pre-children life.  Having kids really does change everything for a concert-goer.  “Will I be able to get a sitter” and “How much do tickets cost” really comes much more into play.

That is why I was so over the moon when I heard the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona was bringing out the Maccabeats ( to perform at its annual Israel Festival.  There was a small nominal entrance fee to the festival, but no additional ticket fees for the concert.  The Israel Festival was loaded with child-friendly activities, too so  that meant this would be one concert I didn’t have to miss!!!

As a Jewish music specialist, we so rarely have the opportunity to see high quality and relevant-to-today music in our city, and the Maccabeats really fit the bill for what Jewish Tucson needed.  For those of you who don’t know about them, the Maccabeats are Yeshiva University’s student vocal a capella group.  They appeal to the Glee geek in all of us and have widely developed their fan base through Youtube.  It is no wonder that they received over 9 million hits on their first Youtube video.  These boys are so much fun to watch and are really talented vocalists.   Jews or non-Jews can all appreciate their talent and great attitudes, and that is why I want to share them with my readers today.

I recorded two videos yesterday at the concert and put them up on Youtube to share.  The first, is The Maccabeats performing their most famous song,” Candlelight,” which is a Hanukkah parody on the song “Dynamite.”  Click HERE to see it and enjoy!

The second video is when the Maccabeats pulled an audience member up to stage to teach her (and us) how to B Box.  It was adorable!  Click HERE to check it out.

I love the fact that the TV show, “Glee”, has brought a capella music back to popularity.  It’s refreshing to see real non-produced talent in the limelight, and that is what makes the Maccabeats so endearing, too!.


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