Poker Face, #666


I am hiding a secret this morning!  It is a good secret, and I have had to maintain the biggest poker face over the last few days.  It is all I can think of, and I am just dying to blab, blab, blab to all of you.  I can’t though….not until tomorrow’s blog.  Sorry to be so unforthcoming, and I probably shouldn’t have said anything at all.  How can I help myself though in my own personal blog…where I get to say whatever I want?  I am bursting inside, and I can hardly contain myself!!!

My Mom pointed out to me that blog number #666 should be special, because in Judaism, anything that equals 18 (our number that symbolizes life) is a very good thing.  6+6+6 = 18!  I can assure you all….this secret is a very good thing, and I find it so special that my happy day is falling on #666.

Ok.  Enough!  I need to go get ready.  For what?  You’ll have to check back tomorrow to find out.  I’ve always wanted to have a cliff hanger!

My song of the day is Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” because I still have a couple of hours of “Poker Face” to struggle with.  Click HERE to listen and watch the song on Youtube, and Please!!! — wish me luck that I’m able to keep it together!


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