Skew It On the Bar-B, #669


Last night we went over to our neighbor’s house for dinner.  They barbecued outdoors on the grill, and we sat outside for a perfect Tucson evening.  We only get perfect evenings like this for a couple of months out of the year, and it was so great to take advantage of it.

As I sat outside eating good food, drinking wine and watching the kids play all around us, I’ve realized that I don’t use our barbecue nearly enough.  So, I am going to make the effort, because for some reason, food tastes better when you eat it outdoors and cooked on the BBQ!

I know this may not be the most exciting topic for some of you, but for me, I love the idea of creating the lovely mood for my family, too.  Life is good, and we should all take a few moments to appreciate it.  That’s what outdoor nights around the barbecue are.

On that happy note, I have a silly rap for you all today called “Skew It on the Bar-B” by The Outkast.  There is not too much that is deep or profound about this song, so please take it at face value.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to watch the video, and enjoy!  Afterall, sometimes the most fun is when you’re just sitting back and taking a moment to pause.


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