Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree, #679


It is performance season, as every school in Arizona is winding down the school year with culminating displays of all they have learned throughout the year.  As a music teacher, I am preparing several schools for these performances.  As a mother, I get to attend them.

Yesterday was one of those days, as I watched my daughter’s 2nd grade class do a presentation about Australia.  Each child was assigned an indigenous animal from the land down under.  They had to research the animal, make the animal out of paper mache, paint a t-shirt with their animal on it, sing songs about Australia, speak in front of an audience and learn all about the country.  It was truly a phenomenal presentation, and I couldn’t have been more proud of each and every one of them.

Here are some pictures from their incredible show.


Paper mache animals:

PaperMAche1 PaperMache_Koala PaperMAche_Kagaroo

My daughter’s presentation about the Australian “quoll:”

PaperMache_Quoll HaleyandQuoll2



The amazing 2nd graders:

Kids3 Girls HaleyandFriends2

You can see how special this performance was and what an incredible job they all did.  The teacher put in so much effort, and I am so proud of these children for rising to the occasion.  Yes, I love leading children in performances, but being a Mom in the audience is one of the most incredible joys you can ever have.

In honor of this beautiful “Australia” performance, my song of the day is about the Australian kookaburra.  “Kookaburra Lives in Old Gum Tree” is a classic children’s tune, and I grew up singing it.  Click HERE to watch an elementary school 4th grade performance of the song that I found on Youtube.  There is nothing like school performances, and I am continually impressed (both as a Mom and a music teacher) of what kids can do.



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