My Generation, #681


In Judaism, we have an expression in Hebrew:  “L’dor V’dor” or “From Generation to Generation.”  When I think of my mother and my grandmother and all of the women in my family who stood before me, I think about all of the traditions that we have each passed down for so many years.  It is always what runs through my mind on Mother’s Day as I try to appreciate the non-Hallmark greeting card aspects of this holiday.  There is nothing like a Mother, and I consider it an honor and a blessing to carry on all of the lessons learned from these ladies.

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to the female “L’dor V’dor” of my family.  Here we are:


My grandma, Marie:



My beautiful Mommy:


Me with my amazing children:


One of the two joys of my life, my daughter:



These are the ladies that make up Mother’s Day for me, and I love sharing all of us with all with you.  My song of the day is The Who singing “My Generation,” because this day is all about sharing generations.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear the song and please do give the ladies in your lives extra love on this very special day.  Happy Mother’s Day y’all! xo


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