So What, #686


My son came home yesterday from his after school program with a “bump” on his thumb.  Of course, my job as a Mommy is not only for nurturing, food preparation and shopping, but in his eyes, I am a fixer of all things.  “Let me see the bump,” I said.  It was a blister…on the side of his thumb.  I knew exactly what it was from.

Earlier in the afternoon, one of the staff from the after school program had posted a video of a rock star in the making on my Facebook page.  Yes, the rock star was my son, and you all have to check this out.

Click the link to watch the video:   Rock Star

Yep, I knew exactly what his blister was from, because I’ve had so many of them in my life from doing exactly the same thing.  He had a guitar blister….a red badge of courage that shows the commitment and dedication and passion that he put into his instrument.  They hurt, but I have always taken those guitar-playing blisters with pride, and I know he did , too.

No, my son was not playing any real chords when he played his rock star performance, but he had the attitude down.  For sure, I am  raising a future celebrity!

My song of the day today is from Pink.  I love her song, “So What,” which was really written during a rocky spot in her marriage to Carey Hart.  It’s the chorus I kept hearing through my head as I was thinking of this blog though.

So what
I am a rock star
I got my rock moves

The description and candor fit my little Kindergarten (almost 1st grade) rock star.  Click HERE to hear the song, as I go get him a band-aid for his much earned blister.  Rock on, y’all!!!


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