I’ve Got to Have Friends, #688


My son had his very first sleep over last night with his best buddy from birth.  Seriously, his friend was born 6 days after him, and they began their schooling together at 6-weeks-old in an infant day care room.  They’ve been friends ever since, and boy, was my little guy excited to be able to sleep at his house last night.

While he was there, my husband, daughter and I attended a bat mitzvah party.  Every bar/bat mitzvah party we’ve been to has a slide show set to music of the honoree throughout their 13 years of life years.  I love these little presentations, and often, they make me cry.  Last night, I took in all of these photographs and watched the sweet little girl I met at 5-years-old blossom into a beautiful young lady all on a screen before my eyes.  My husband turned to me when it was all over and said, “We’ve got to appreciate every moment, because before you know it, their childhoods will be over.”  He was referring to our own kids.

I thought of my son as he said those words achieving the milestone of “first sleepover” right at that very moment.  Are those “firsts” really few and far between now?  With a 6 & an 8-year-old, perhaps we really do only have a good 5 years to go.  And then…..teenage years…..OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so grateful and blessed to be living these beautiful moments with my kiddos that will eventually be the captured moments of their bar & bat mitzvah slide shows one day.  My husband is right.  We must appreciate them, because yesterday we were putting my child in infant day care, and today he’s having his first sleep over with his best friend.  Time flies!

My song of the day is Bette Midler vintage.  “I’ve Got to Have Friends” is one of the songs they used in the slide show last night, and I also thought it was perfect for my boy and his pal, too.  So, click HERE to hear the Divine Ms. M sing her heart out while I wait for my little boy to come home from his evening out.  I can assure you, I will hug him and my daughter a little tighter today, as I hope and pray they still accept my hugs when they’re teenagers.


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