Limbo Rock, #693


I am in limbo.  Yep, this weekend officially marks the calm before the storm.  It is the transition weekend between the end of the school year and the beginning of camp.  At the beginning of the summer, my husband usually gives me his annual goodbye kiss and says, “See you in August!”  He is a camp director, and it’s always a funny commentary, because even though we are still under the same roof, camp is so all consuming.

As the song leader, I get to be a part of camp, and it is the only way I get to spend any time with my husband at all.  Don’t get me wrong, I am song leader because I absolutely love my job, but seeing my hubby during the camp day is an added bonus.

My kids are also campers, and so this is an experience that we all get to share together.  This year will be different for us.  My daughter will be going to overnight summer camp for two weeks this year.  It is a first for all of us.  I am thrilled beyond words for her, but I am also a little ill at ease knowing that we will not have any contact for two weeks.  The thought is unbearable for me, but I know first-hand the value of overnight camp.  The same experience as a child influenced my whole life.  It is why I married a camp director, why I am a song leader and why I embrace this busy lifestyle.  Simply, we are a camp family through and through.

So, as I gather my materials for next week’s camp music programming, clean all of the towels and bathing suits, label all clothes with a Sharpie, pack up a school-year’s worth of music, help my husband with all the administrative efforts that I can, I am blowing you all a goodbye kiss until August.  Get ready for campy blogs posts and a one-track mind.

In honor of my in”in limbo” weekend, my song of the day is “Limbo Rock” by Chubby Checker.  I am sure the limbo stick will come out at some point this summer, but for now it is being used an expression to describe my life and the world around me.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear this old-time classic, and until August…..



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