Deep in the Heart of Texas, #700

Annual Texas Roadhouse dinner...May 31, 2013

Annual Texas Roadhouse dinner…May 31, 2013

My family has such a fun annual tradition.  Every year at camp, we have a country western dress up day.  Yesterday was that day, and donned in cowboy hats and bandanas, at the day’s conclusion, we headed to the Texas Roadhouse restaurant for dinner.  This was our third year in a row going to the Texas Roadhouse on this day, and I know that our tradition is solid and will go on for as long as we share this day at camp.

Family traditions are the best!  It’s funny how they get started, and some of my best childhood memories are of the fun I had with my family.  We celebrated half birthdays, went yearly to hear the Cleveland Orchestra play the “1812 Overture” with fireworks at Blossom Music Center with fireworks and even had a “bone chart” when we ate steak .  (Yes, kind of gross, but it was our family silliness.)

I hope that my kids remember these traditions as fondly as I remember mine when they get older.  It really makes childhood special.

My song of the day is one that I taught at camp this week.  “Deep in the Heart of Texas” seems fitting for a way to honor our annual Texas Roadhouse tradition, too.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear it, and everyone give me a big Yeehaw!!!!


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