Working at the Car Wash, #702

1970's party paper plate

1970’s party paper plate

Welcome to the 1970’s where disco and feathered hair were cool!  Yep, we’re getting all retro at camp this week, and I can’t wait for the Afros and bell bottoms and disco balls spinning their crazy patterns all over the camp auditorium.

The ’70’s were a crazy fun time in our country, but man….playing disco music on an acoustic guitar just does not work for me.  Thank goodness for Carole King and Neil Young among some amazing others to bring in guitar-playing songs to that decade.  The 70’s were a great time for acoustic guitar music, but all I ever think of when I hear “70’s” is disco.

Disco is certainly fun, but camper parents, expect to hear your kids singing some other types of 70’s classics this week, too.

For the meantime, today, as my song of the day, I’ll give you all some good old 70’s disco funk.  “Working at the Car wash” is one of my 70’s favorites.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to get into the 70’s spirit with me, and let’s boogie on down!


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