Dazed and Confused, #707


No time write this morning, blog friends!  We’re having a yard sale, and I have to go set up!  Yard sales are a great American past time, and we haven’t had one since before we had children.  At our last yard sale in Santa Monica, CA, Dom Deluise showed up and bought a lot of my kitchen items!  It’s a crazy and awesome memory.

This yard sale is being organized by another person in our neighborhood.  We’ve combined forces, so a lot of houses in our community are having one today.  If you know me, stop on by!

My song of the day is, of course, by the Yardbirds, because what other band should give you your yard sale music?  Most people think “Dazed and Confused” is a Led Zeppelin song, but the Yardbirds recorded it first.  Click HERE to hear the song, as I am feeling “Dazed and Confused” as to why I saved all of this junk!!!  Have a great day y’all!  I’m getting outside!


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