The Finer Things, #710


It’s surreal how a week away in the woods can make you appreciate certain finer things in life things so much. The shower I took yesterday was probably the best shower I’ve had in an eternity. It consisted of hot steam, strong pressure, no shower shoes, no Daddy Long Legs and webs in the corner, and it was only 3 steps away from the bedroom where I was sleeping. At camp, the bathroom was a trek away, and it felt like camp! I’m not complaining, but let’s just say that I am appreciating the luxury of a good shower a little more.

The same goes for ceramic dishes, thick mattresses, Pine-soled floors, electronics, Wifi and cell phone accessibility, etc.

Camp is great in many wonderful ways, and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything in the world. That said, I love my cushy life, and this “Princess in the Pea” is feeling blessed by all of life’s ordinary luxuries that I typically take for granted.

That is why my song of the day is a cheesy ’80’s flashback. Steve Winwood’s “The Finer Things” is perfect for my song of the day. Click HERE to hear and watch it on YouTube as I cuddle under my snuggly covers for just a little longer today.


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