Hello Muddah Hello Faddah, #713


Yesterday I dropped my daughter off to overnight summer camp.  This is her first time going, and she was nervous.  The truth is, I was nervous, too.  Though I know she is in very capable hands, it is in my motherly nature to worry.  I just hope she is not too homesick for too long.  She is so social, so I think she will adapt fairly quickly, but we were both weepy when we said our goodbyes.

Today’s blog is a photo journal to share what it’s like dropping off your child for the first day of overnight summer camp.  I know parents go through this every summer, so here, blog readers, is our experience from yesterday.

Good morning, my little camper!  Today’s the big day!!!


We’re off to camp.


Pulling up to camp, two counselors greeted us with friendly smiles and so much energy.  The girl is actually one of my daughter’s counselors.


Driving down the camp driveway….more cheering counselors!


This part is fun!  As we walked into camp, camp staff joined hands to make an archway for all of us to run through.  My daughter loved this!


As we waited in line to register, a counselor walked around serving cookies and banana bread.  Now this is customer service!


A warm friendly greeting from the camp director…


There was a health check…


…and a lice check


Then, it was time to meet her cabin.  Here they are…the girls who had already arrived.


Yes, dropping of my daughter off was exciting…and emotional.  Now all I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best.  What a good feeling that she is in such a friendly and happy place.  I would have to imagine that all of those good feelings would eventually be contagious.  Here’s hoping!

My song of the day is a an overnight camp classic.  “Hello Muddah Hello Faddah” by Allan Sherman put parents everywhere into a worried tizzy of concern!  It is such a funny song though and perfect as I think about my little one adjusting to camp life.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear this adorable song, and help me keep my fingers crossed that Day #2 of summer camp will be perfectly awesome for my daughter!


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  1. Miss Tucson Songstress…….did you know that at Camp JCA Shalom this summer there are AT LEAST two U of A students on staff? Jane and my son Eric Eisner!!!!!!! Eric is a CIT coordinator this session, and has attended JCA since going into 3rd grade! Your daughter will not only love JCA….these are two great people for you to get to know who love Tucson…maybe some day they can help you in your camp situations in Tucson!

    • Leslie!! Thank you for your kind comment! I love having Tucsonans at Camp JCA. My daughter will love meeting your kids. There is actually a CIT also from Tucson…Karen Judin. Have Eric look for her. (They probably already made the connection. Also, the art specialist, Courtney, goes to the U of A, too! I love the small world. My husband is the camp director at the Tucson JCC, so yes, we are a very campy family. Feel free to have your kids contact us if they ever need anything! Thanks again for the message and positive reassurance! 🙂

    • Thank you Susie!!! My daughter was already chatting it up with the other little girls in the cabin when I left. Shhhh….don’t tell. I was peeking through the trees!!! I am sure they will have a blast together, and thank you for the kind words! 🙂

  2. Eric wants a career in camps! I will definately advise him to look you and your husband up. My husband went to UofA…he was from Phoenix…..but still has friends from AZA/BBG in the Tucson Area…..I’m sure you would know their names if I did! One family I know is still involved in the conservative movement..she has a son who is about 23 +/- who is now serving in the IDF.

  3. Your daughter will have a GREAT time. The campers, counselors and staff become a family in the few weeks they spend together. This will be my son’s fourth year at this camp. And every year it is close to impossible to pry him away at the end of the session.

  4. Reblogged this on Tucson Songstress and commented:

    One year ago today, I dropped my daughter off at overnight summer camp for the very first time. Today, she is headed back to camp, and I’m not with her to drop her off. Her Uncle is taking her to camp today, and I can’t believe we will have no contact for 2 weeks! Let the long evenings begin of scoping out photos on the camp website for a glimpse of her and a countdown till I can throw my arms around her and bring her back home. She will have a blast, but I sure will miss hearing that little voice. Have fun, sweet girl! xo

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