Ray of Light, #718



Last night I was gazing up towards the heavens at a vibrant and unusual super moon.  It was 9:30 at night, and yet, I could clearly make my way up our moon-lit path, which is usually pitch black.  It was blinding and brilliant and awe-inspiring, and I grabbed my camera to capture it.

When I went inside, I began to think about our week ahead…the super moon disappearing into my responsibilities.  Music was organized, lunches were made and laundry was done, but yes, one more gnawing item to think about.  This is the week that the CEO at the Tucson JCC, Ken Light, is retiring.

Ken has been at the “J” for 27 years, and he has been a constant driving force for this beloved place that is the center of my family’s universe.  My history with him goes back from before I was married and had kids, however.  When I first encountered the Tucson JCC, I was in college.  It was the early 90’s, and I worked at the “J” as the camp song leader in the summer time.  I didn’t have much interaction with Ken.  I just knew he was the big guy and that I loved where I was working.

When I moved to Los Angeles and became an employee of the JCC’s there, his name often came up.  He was so respected in the JCC industry, and there was even one time I called him for advice.  The voice in my head said, “Ken Light would know what to do,” and he did.

Today, both my husband and I work at the TJCC, and our kids have attended the preschool, after school program and the summer day camp.  The TJCC is our home away from home, and Ken Light has always been our shining light…kind of like an unusual super moon that only comes around once in a while.

Ken runs a tight ship, and that is why the Tucson JCC is such a special place.  It is under his leadership that we are able to see our way in the dark with brilliance and inspiration.  Yes, Ken Light is our super moon.

So, today’s song of the day is Madonna’s “Ray of Light,” because that is what Ken is for us.  My song could have been the obvious…”You Light Up My Life” by Debby Boone, but I’m feeling like Ken’s light is a little more celestial.  So, click HERE to go to Youtube to hear it, as I am wishing our “ray of light” a sincere farewell with best wishes and big time admiration attached.  You are a rare super moon, Ken, and we so appreciate all you have done for us and our community.  Good luck with all of your future endeavors.  We’ll miss you!


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