The Letter, #719


I’ve been writing a lot about my daughter being away at over night summer camp, and I must tell you all the topic is first and foremost on my mind.  Two weeks without her feels like an eternity.  Thank goodness that the camp keeps posting photos of her on their website, because those pictures are what’s getting me through this time without her.

I have been the dutiful Mommy.  I have sent her care packages, letters, cards, emails.  She has gotten some form of communication from me or my husband every day that she has been at camp.  I know for a fact that my mother has done the same for her, as well.  This kid must be getting more mail than any other kid there!  I am sure of it!

So…all of this said, you might all be wondering about how she is responding to all of this mail.  I would have no idea!  Have I received a single letter from her?  No.  Nada.  Nothing.  Zip.  Before she left, I pre-addressed 9 envelopes for her:  3 for us, 1 for her brother, 2 for her Grandparents, and 3 for her closest friends.  As far as I know…none of us have gotten any letters at all.

I should be happy that she is having so much fun that letter writing is the furthest thing from her mind.  She is not obsessing about what’s going on at home, and that is a very good thing.  But heck!  It would be kind of nice to hear something in her own words.  Where are all of those cute camp letters that other parents have told me about over the years?  I even have a published book of kid’s letters from camp….but nothing for us!  Sheesh!

Oh well….the two weeks is almost up.  I must accept the fact that I will just have to wait to hear from her.  As an ode to old-fashioned snail-mail letter writing, my song of the day is “The Letter” by the Box Tops.   Click HERE to go  to Youtube to hear it, and help me pray that I do not spontaneously combust from the need to hear from my girl in the meantime!



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