One Day, #720


Camp has an ability to make songs so meaningful for me.  There’s always one song every summer that really resonates with me, and this summer, the song that is doing it for me is “One Day” by Matisyahu.  The song is a few years old already.  I’ve loved it since the first time I heard it, but this summer, it has really made its impact for me.

For the last couple of months, gearing up for my daughter’s overnight camp experience, we’ve been watching the camp promotional videos over and over again.  The main one on their website is a lip dub done to “One Day.”  The song has been stuck in my head for all of this time.

Coincidentally, a counselor requested that I teach the song to our camp this summer, too.  I like honoring counselor requests, because I know how important the summer music is for them, as well.  Diligently, I’ve been working on the song, and this week, I’ve been teaching it to campers in Tucson.  What a hit…for all ages, too, despite it’s wordy and heavy lyrics.

Matisyahu is such a talented song writer.  He is a unique blend of pop, reggae and rap.  His melodies are catchy and lyrics meaningful.  I admire his talent so much, and it’s refreshing to hear sounds that no else has ever blended.

“One Day” is my song of the summer, so click HERE to enjoy it with me.  I’m giving a big thumbs up to summer music today, because there’s nothing like camp that can pull a community into a song.  That magical ability is something I will always honor and have the highest regard for.




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