Heat Wave, #721


Today is the first day of one heck of a heat wave in the desert.  Today our high temperature is expected to reach 112 degrees.  We’re heading for the desert to Palm Springs this afternoon (On the way to pick up our daughter from camp!!!), and the high temperature for Palm Springs is expected to reach 119 degrees.  OMG!  Ridiculous, huh?  Fortunately, we have a good pet sitter who will be looking after our animals, but desert friends, please take extra precautions to stay hydrated and keep your pets indoors!  This heat is really serious business.

I am hoping to head to the much cooler beach when we get to LA on Saturday.  Forget the 3rd St. Promenade or the Grove…I’m just up for a couple of hours of ocean breeze!

I know that this is not much of a topic today for most of you, but to Tucson people, the heat is kind of big and huge.  So, I’m giving us all a little mood music today.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear …what else?….Martha and the Vandellas singing “Heat Wave.”  Now this is what a song of the day is all about….a song that stands out.  “Heat Wave” does this for me today, so happy “Heat Wave” today y’all.  Hope you all manage a way to get through it and stay cool!


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