The Love Cats, #730


We had an emergency with our cat yesterday.  Her eye had been cloudy for a couple of days, and with our busy schedules, we didn’t rush to get her to the vet.  Big mistake!  I fed her in the morning as I always do yesterday, and about an hour later, my husband came to get me.  “There’s something growing out of the middle of Donut’s eyeball!”  Sure enough, it appeared he was right.

Of course, this time our busy schedule got scooted around, and we made time to bring her in.  The vet felt that she had a melted eye ulcer and that the iris was coming out through the rupture.  It looks as gross as it sounds, so I will spare you all the gory details by not posting a picture this time.

Going back and forth on how to deal with this situation, the vet felt the most realistic option was to remove her eye.  Even with a visit to the kitty ophthalmologist, she felt this would be the eventual outcome anyway.  My poor little cat!  She will still be able to see out of the other eye, but I feel like the most awful pet parent!  Moral of the story….never put off any eye issues with your pets!  Not even by a couple of days!

We are animal people in my family. We have 4 cats and the silliest but most loyal and kind Beagle.  Our animals are part of our family, and when people hear we have so many pets, they think we’re nuts.  We wouldn’t have it any other way though.  They fill our lives with love, and if I could responsibly, I’d even take in more pets.

I hope by writing this blog today that pet owners will read it when they’re Google searching “feline eye problems” and will know that cat eye issues are not something to mess around with.  They will read my words and know that they should bring their little love cat to the vet right away.

My song of the day is by the freaky deaky band “The Cure.”  They wrote a great song back in the 80’s, however, called “The Love Cats.”  I’m pretty sure they were using cats as an analogy to the way human’s act, but I still love the lyrics of the song in reference to my furry loved ones:

“We’re so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully
Wonderfully pretty
Oh you know that I’d do anything for you”

So, click HERE to hear The Cure sing their song, and please….get your cats to the vet if you ever see anything out of the ordinary!



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