Big Girls Don’t Cry, #731


Stereotypes are annoying, and sometimes I get frustrated with television and what it is portraying to my children.  I work so hard at teaching them to be unique individuals and kind to others, and Hollywood can sometimes take everything I’ve taught them and throw it out the window.

This was the case last night when my family and I gathered around the TV to watch NBC’s new series, “Camp.”  Our family consists of a camp director Daddy, a camp song leader Mommy and two sweet campers, so of course we had to watch this show.  I envisioned a coming of age series with counselors dealing with children who had tough problems at home,  first kisses, sweet romances, etc.  It never even crossed my mind that Hollywood would have a much different approach and thought process of what goes on at camp.  Within the first 5 minutes, I knew this was not a show for children.

Throughout “Camp,” we learned that the sole purpose of counselors is to get laid, the camp director has the most explicit sex scenes, CIT’s are allowed to smoke pot at camp and smoke it right in the middle of all the activity going on, stealing from the neighboring country club to save the camp talent show is okay and the camp director will turn her head when she finds out about it, drinking alcohol is acceptable at camp even if you’re under age, and here’s my favorite….there are hardly any kids at camp to pay any attention to!

I am so disturbed!  Is this the camp stereotype?  Do people really think this is what happens at camp? OMG!!!!!!!  Have these Hollywood producers ever even spent any time at camp?  I don’t know what camp they are portraying, but I have never heard of a camp that would find any of this behavior acceptable even with their staff.  This new series is absolutely absurd and even insulting.  I pray that parents are smart enough to know that real camp is nothing like this.

I hope that this is just one sick producer’s concept that sex and drugs make money and that this is not the general public’s image of us.  Stereotypes just suck!

My song of the day is “Big Girls Don’t Cry” by Fergie.  I thought of her song for this topic, because she is singing about another gross stereotype….that she is a grown woman, so she shouldn’t cry.  We all know how wrong that idea is just as the new TV show “Camp” is all wrong, too.  So click HERE to hear Fergie cry her eyes out over a guy even though she’s a “big girl,” and people….let’s sweep these ridiculous stereotypes under the rug!


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