Don’t Stop Believin’, #734


I am not a true Gleek.  I am a Mommy whose children occupy my Prime Time TV hours.  Any show that I watch comes on after 10pm, so there is no way that I have been able to squeeze in every Glee episode.    There have been days, however, when I’ve been known to sit myself in front of the TV on a Saturday or Sunday for a Glee marathon.  I have found myself obsessed, like the rest of the world, cheering on the Glee kids and singing along with every recognizable note coming out of their mouths.  Simply, those Glee kids are just awesome.

Hearing the news of Cory Monteith’s death today is like a little stab to the heart.  He was that high school heart-throb football star that every girl had a crush on and every boy wanted to be like.  There was always one hottie on the football team who was genuinely kind, and that was true of Glee’s Finn Hudson character.  The world fell in love with this guy, because he was so likeable.

What most of us didn’t know about was what was going on in his real life.  Yes, he was dating his TV sweetheart, Lea Michelle,  but behind all of the squeaky clean image, Cory Monteith was a druggy.  In articles I’ve been reading on the internet, it says he admitted to using from the age of 13 and that his family held an intervention to get him into rehab when he was 19.  He must have fallen off the wagon, because this past March, he admitted himself into rehab again.

It is the saddest and most tragic story.  It is a story that we have heard again and again, and truly, it’s become so tiresome to hear about celebrities mixing a cocktail of drugs that eventually leads to their deaths.  We’ll just have to wait to see what the autopsy reports, but I can just imagine the words written will sound as familiar as the stories of Whitney Houston and Heath Ledger and Anna Nicole Smith.

So, so long Cory Monteith.  The world will always remember you as the beloved Finn Hudson.  Thank you for your beautiful contributions to music and making it cool to be in school Glee Clubs everywhere.  I’d like to remember you as the kid singing “Don’t Stop Believin”” from the pilot episode of Glee.  You and the entire Glee cast had so much energy and fire in your eyes to share your performing chops with the world.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to watch it, blog readers, and please, feel free sing along to every recognizable note.  That is what makes Glee so rockin’!


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