Ebony and Ivory, #736


Have you all seen the “controversial” Cheerios commercial that seems to be a huge topic of conversation by now?  I’ve been seeing rumblings throughout the internet about it, so I finally sat down to watch it.  (Click HERE to view the commercial on Youtube if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

I have to say that I’m pretty appalled.  Why in the world would anybody even be discussing this commercial?  Cheerios made a sweet advertisement with an incredibly adorable kid and a lovely mother and father.  It just so happens that the mother is white and the father is black.  I am sure that Cheerio’s choice in choosing an interracial couple was not by accident (everything is calculated in advertising), but why all the hoopla?

Maybe what we should be discussing is that Cheerios also chose to put this family in a higher than average socioeconomic status.  Did you get a look at the house? The kitchen is huge, and the child runs through quite a bit of square footage to get to her father who is taking a nap on the couch in his button-downed collared shirt and slacks.  The mother is sitting at the kitchen table working.  This is obviously an educated family who speaks of “heart healthy” and “cholesterol.”

If Cheerios portrayed their interracial couple as being so dynamic and normal, than why should anyone be viewing it differently in any way?

There has been so much talk about this video, that a second video interviewing children ages 7-13 and their reactions to the Cheerio’s commercial was posted on Youtube.  When told that the commercial was making some people angry, the kids all responded in the same way….”why?”  Click HERE to watch their reactions for yourself on Youtube.

Oh dear people of the world…I agree with those very wise-for-their-years children.  “Why?”  Why are we focusing on the fact that they’re interracial?  Why can’t we just see a beautiful family?  Why do we judge people when they’re not hurting anybody?  Why, why, why!

My song of the day is from Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder.  Their “Ebony & Ivory” was made 31 years ago, and the same topic is still causing a stir.  Unbelievable! — and inexcusable!  Click HERE to hear the song, and please, close-minded people, just get over it already.  People get married because they love each other, and what’s wrong with love?


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