Cumbia de los Muertos, #741


Again, camp has inspired me.  Our theme this week has been Latin music, and I’ve been sharing claves and maracas and cabasas with the children as well as teaching a sweet little song in Spanish called “Buenos Dias.”  I also believe that music appreciation for young children is just as important as it would be with older kids, so we listen to music selections all summer long, too.

This week, we’ve been listening to Ozomatli, a 7-piece Latin/rock/rap/hip hop band from Los Angeles.  The more I listen to their song “Cumbia de los Muertos,” the more I am liking them and am feeling the depth of their talent.  I love sounds that are fresh, and they put a twist on Latin music unlike I’ve heard before.  Ozomatli is just so cool….so much so that I felt like I had to share this song as my song of the day today.

So sorry, blog readers, I’m not giving you the most interesting story today.  I just have to share some music that I really like and am hoping that you will listen to it and like it, too.  So click HERE to see a performance of Ozomatli’s “Cumbia de los Muertos” at Austin’s Do512 Lounge.  This music is contagious, and I know you will love it as much as I do.  Enjoy!!! — and have a great Wednesday!


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