I Won’t Grow Up, #745


Next week, my children will be beginning 1st and 3rd grade.  Holy moly…this just absolutely blows my mind.  I cannot believe that I have kids this old.  How in the world did the time fly?

Yesterday, we went back-to-school shoe shopping.  I had the sales people measure my daughter’s feet, and I swear….they told me that her feet grew an entire foot and a half since the beginning of summer when I bought her sandals.  Is that even possible?  Her sandals, purchased in May, were a girl’s size 3, and yesterday’s shoe purchases were a girl’s size 4-1/2.  In half a shoe size, she will technically be wearing ladies’ shoes!

I’ve heard so many people say that kids grow in the blink of an eye, and I guess that my daughter really is.  I want to hold on to these childhood years as long as I can.  It seems to bittersweet that in another 3 months she could be buying shoes with me in my shoe department.

Today, I am feeling like I want to keep my kids young for as long as I can.  That is why I am turning to the boy who never grows up for my song of the day.  “I Won’t Grow Up” is a darling song from the “Peter Pan” musical.  If you click HERE, you can see it performed on Youtube with Cathy Rigby as Peter and her whole cast of the Neverland gang.

As for me…..I am not sure I will find a way to slow down my kids’ growth, but I can tell you all this….boy do I cherish these days.


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