Talk, #746


I was so frustrated yesterday morning.  I was all ready to blog with a topic in mind, and when I tried to log on….nothing.  I reset the computer, and I still wasn’t connecting to the internet, so I picked up the phone to call Comcast.  The phone lines were dead, too.  The realization that I would not be able to blog was setting in, and I felt like my voice was being taken away.  I had thoughts I needed to sort through, and writing is my way of doing that.

There are other mornings where I have skipped blogging for one reason or another.  It never feels quite right when I do have to pass on my morning writing, but yesterday was really irking me.  I think it was so bothersome, because not writing was not my choice.  When I am away from home, and there is no Wifi available, I have come to terms prior to my departure that not blogging in the morning is a strong possibility.  Yesterday took me by surprise, however, and it set my whole morning off wrong.  I even left my iPad and lunch at home, and I swear…it was because I was feeling off.

Several years ago, I read the book, “The Artist’s Way.”  I know many of my blog readers will know this book, because it was such a thought provoking guideline with really good tangible steps to take in order to increase your creativity,  The book suggests that you write “morning papers.”  Morning papers are a daily journal entry for a prescribed amount of time.  I really followed the suggestion at the time, and it became a big part of my life.  As I got busier and older, however, the morning papers were put aside, and perhaps, my blog eventually replaced them.

Yep…there is something to the morning papers and to writing down your thoughts.  It gives me clarity about the world around me, and I love how others can relate often to what I’m writing about.  The more I write and the more people respond, it helps me to realize how connected we all really are in the world.  Sometimes, I feel so disconnected, but then I write a blog and people (sometime strangers) reach out to me.  I know then that I am not alone in my thoughts, and that is a really comforting thing.

So my song of the day today is “Talk” by Coldplay, because I encourage more talking in the world.  Communication is a really good thing.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear Coldplay’s beautiful and artistic approach on the subject, and please promise me, y’all…share your thoughts and reach out, because it’ll make you feel good.



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