We’re the Boy Scouts of America, #750


At the end of the this past school year right before summer vacation, my son became a Cub Scout.  The Cub Scout troop meets right next door to my daughter’s Brownie troop, and my son was so jealous that she got a vest with all of these cool looking badges on it.  So, we wandered next door to see if we could sign him up.

From the very first meeting, my son was hooked.  We only went to a couple of meetings before summer arrived, but during those few weeks, my son was the “strong man” in a circus performance, learned how to fish and even used some power tools.  Boy…was he in his element.


One thing that was missing for him though was that I didn’t jump right in and buy him his Cub Scout troop uniform.  Kids grow so fast, so I thought it’d be smarter to wait until the end of the summer right before the new season started.  All summer long, he begged me…”When can we go to the Boy Scout store?”  Well….yesterday was finally the day.  He was so excited walking up and down the aisles looking at all the badges and pins and really pining away for the Camelback water backpack.  Oh, dear boy….one thing at a time.  We were there on a mission.

Check out his new duds:


He is overjoyed with his amazingly cool new uniform and cannot wait for Boy Scouts to start up again.  As a Mommy, I am just so thrilled that he is choosing to take part of an organization that teaches amazing life skills and values.  Hip hip hooray for scouting!  Parents, I am a full on advocate, and if you are reading this blog in Tucson and want to get your son involved in the troop, please feel free to contact me privately.  Besides, we have the coolest troop number around!


My song of the day is one that I found on Youtube and have never heard before this morning.  Click HERE to hear “We’re the Boy Scouts of America,” a march that I can only imagine is as old as the organization itself.  The Boys Scouts of America is tried and true, and this is one Mom that is a huge fan!


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