Ho Hey, #752


I am so busy all of the time…..like really, truly busy running from place to place….working, errands, etc.  It’s always a rat race.  The week or so before school starts, however, is always a slow time for me.  Schools start back up, but music specialists don’t necessarily start on the first week of school.  By the end of next week, I’ll be fully busy again, so during a rare quiet time, I like to take advantage of it.

Typically, every year, I like to devote one of these quiet days to my children.  I called yesterday “Camp Mommy.”  It consisted of sleeping in, back to school shopping, lunch at Panera Bread Company and a crafty trip to Michael’s so we could later come home and be artsy together.

What a fun day!  I love spending time with my kiddos when we can just be leisure about it.  There are no “have to’s.”  We are just relaxed and know that we are spending special time together.  We are all cheerful, and despite the occasional sibling squabbles….life is good.  Really good.

So, I am still happy after spending time with my precious children yesterday wishing that days like those didn’t have to be a special occasion.  Quality time with the family simply rocks, and this Mama really recognizes it.

My song of the day today is by The Lumineers.  I love them….folksy rock music that is truly talented and not over produced.  Yay for real talent, and their song “Ho Hey” is really speaking to me today.  “I belong with you.  You belong with me in my sweet home.”  Click HERE to go to Youtube, and enjoy!!!!! — especially the time with your loved ones.


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