I’ll Be There For You, #754


My kids had a great first day of school yesterday.  My daughter told me every bit about her day in great detail exclaiming that she “has the best teacher ever!”  My son was harder to get information from, but he did express that he really likes his new teacher, too.  I have high hopes that it will be a really nice school year ahead.  Fingers crossed!

All day long, I couldn’t stop thinking about my kiddos wondering what they were up to and hoping that they were happy.  It was like an all day long panic attack, because after all, I’m a Mom and am praying for their well-being 24 hours a day as it is.  A new environment will always cause some amounts of concern no matter how old they are.  Isn’t that why I was put on this planet?  I was put here to worry!  It’s just my nature.

I decided that I had to do something nice for my kiddos, because no matter how exciting a first day of school is, it is also a big change in their lives that symbolizes growing up.  So, I did what any good Jewish Mama would do in the this circumstance.  I cooked.  I cooked my family’s very favorite meal:  chicken soup with matzah balls.  Making homemade chicken soup really is a labor of love.  It’s not that there is a ton of prep work involved, but you have to stay home with the soup while it cooks for three hours.  You should have seen the happy faces as my family came home to discover this delicacy awaiting them.  It was a celebration as we sat around the dinner table and I coaxed more information out of them about their day.  A little matzah ball goes a long way…..for sure!

So, my song of the day is Bon Jovi’s “I’ll Be There For you.”  I chose this one, because it is truly how I feel about my children.  I will always be there for them by their sides….no matter what.  They are my heart and soul, and yep….I’m sure I will continue to worry about them on 1st days for the rest of their lives….simply, because I love them.

Click HERE to hear “I’ll Be There For You” on Youtube as I run off to begin Day #2, and yes, I’m sure I’ll worry today, too, because I’m a Mommy and always will be.


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