By The Time I Get to Phoenix, #756


Good morning, y’all!  I’m not as chipper as I sound, because it’s early.  I’m up before the sun today and am off to Phoenix for an Arizona Jewish educator’s conference.    I’m excited for my day, but man….we have to be on a bus with the other Tucson educators at 6:30.  That is just too early!

Whatever….I’m thrilled to be going, and I have to go and get in the shower pronto.  There’s no time to really write, but I still wanted to give you all a song of the day.  Here’s a little cheesy Glen Campbell music called “By the Time I Get to Phoenix.”  Click HERE to hear this 1965 country hit, and just so you know….by the time I get to Phoenix, you all will just be waking up.  Have a lovely Sunday!  More tomorrow…..


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  1. It’s 5:55am in Phoenix…enjoy your conference! It’s 8:55am here on the east coast. Music has been a huge part of my life, too, plus I am a retired educator. Stop by and visit some time! Thanks! OH…what is the conference focusing on?

      • Agree…I always used music in my classrooms and always threw the kids up on stage in plays and songs I wrote for them and encouraged them to help write as well. I’m a firm believer in the Arts!!!!!

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