Don’t Forget About Me, #757


I am a big believer that grown ups need to learn, too.  As a Mommy, of course, I put my children’s learning first.  It’s always all about them and their education and doing whatever I can to give them the best educational experiences.  That’s the way it should be, too.  Every once in a while, however, I’ll do something educational for me, and I’m reminded just how important it is to continue to learn throughout your life no matter how old you are.

Yesterday, I attended a conference for Jewish religious school teachers.  It wasn’t a huge conference filled with days long of learning.  This conference only lasted for 3 hours, but I walked away with valuable tools and am feeling recharged and excited to implement what I learned into the classroom.  That’s the way it always is with conferences.

It is so sad and discouraging to me that many companies and organizations sometimes don’t even have a budget line item for continued education for their staff or their budgets had to suspend all continued learning items due to the downturn of the economy.  Continued education is essential to continued excellent job performance in my opinion.

Well,,,,enough of the complaining.  I got to spend a few hours for my own education yesterday, and I’m feeling good!  That’s what’s important at the moment.

My song of the day is the old “Breakfast Club” classic “Don’t Forget About me” by Simple Minds.  I am choosing this song today as a reminder to don’t forget about yourself when if comes to continued learning.  Click HERE to listen to the song, and please remember….your education, grown ups,  is important, too.


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