Rolling, Rolling, Rolling Down the River, #758


Yesterday I was on an email frenzy.  I had a morning off from work, and so I sat down, focused, and got a ton of detailed tasks done that I had been putting off for the simple reason of not having enough time to do them.  These are items that had been put on the back burner, and they made me realize something.

If I could just dedicate a chunk of time each day or even each week to emails, I would be so much more proactive in my life. I spend my computer time blogging, Facebooking, reviewing all of my social media, and I spend less time on the types of emails that will move me ahead.

I am among the believers that think social media is good and important. That is probably because I am a blogger. I do not think it is evil as some do. Rather, I think of social media as being a useful tool. I’m just saying that I also need to dedicate the same amount of time to not promoting what I already have, but taking steps to create new things. That takes email time.

Once I get rolling, there’s no stopping me. It’s just hard to keep up the momentum. That is why my song of the day is Ike & Tina’s version of “Proud Mary,” because I want to keep on “rolling, rolling, rolling down the river.”  Click HERE to hear Ike & Tina sing their version of the song, and, friends, help me remember when I say that I’m using it as a reminder to keep up the momentum, because that’s something that’s easy to forget!


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