Too Much Time On My Hands, #760


I have been living a life of leisure over the last couple of weeks.  My schools have been starting back, but many don’t start up with their specialists in the first week or so.  So, I’ve been working 3 mornings a week with all afternoons off for the last 2 weeks.  Wow!!!  It’s incredible to have that much time to work with.  I have gotten so much done and am feel pretty relaxed.  I’ve even been doing crafts, which is something that I love and rarely have time for.  It is such a luxury to have time alone to do them.  Oh, how I wish it could always be like this!

Crafting is one of the few activities that make me lose all sense of time.  I’ll start on a project, and the next thing I know, it’ll be three hours later.  That is why I hardly ever craft anymore, because I so rarely have unlimited hours to get lost in it.

Well, all of this freedom is about to change tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I start back at two additional schools.  Then Tuesday, I start back at another.  By the following week, I’ll  be teaching at all 5 of my schools and creating different curriculum for each them during my down time.  So long freedom…..I’ll see you again during Winter Break!

For today’s song of the day, I sought out a song about time.  If you Google search it, you’ll find many.  The song “Too Much time On My Hands” by Styx struck me, however, because I realized….I don’t think I could ever have too much time on my hands.  Believe me…..I can fill time with so many endless possibilities!  There is always something to do, someone to see, something to create, someplace to discover.  I’ve always loved this song and think the world of songwriter Tommy Shaw, but what a foreign concept…the feeling of “too much time on your hands.”  Click HERE to hear the song though, because it rocks, and I can promise you 4 minutes and 33 seconds of an enjoyable time filler.  Happy Thursday, y’all, doing whatever you do with your own valuable time!


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  1. I can’t recall when I’ve had too much time on my hands either. There is always something to do or enjoy. Thanks for the video enjoyment! I don’t remember this from my MTV days in the 80’s. Loved the jumpsuits, parachute pants and puffy sleeves!

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