Feelin’ Groovy, #761


There is an article from a blog floating around on the internet that I read the other day entitled, “10 Simple Things You Can Do Today that Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science.” (Click HERE to check it out)  I skimmed through his article pretty quickly, but funny enough, it keeps sneaking into my psyche.  I have been referring back to its list in my head as if reaffirming what I read.  As a result, I thought I’d share its key points with all of you.  Here are the “10 Simple Things” it says that will make you happy….with my commentary tagged on the end of each one.

1.  Exercise More — 7 minutes might be enough………………..Holy hell!  I guess I should probably add this into my life!

2. Sleep More — You’ll be less sensitive to negative emotions…………………....I definitely do not sleep enough, and yes, it makes me crabby.

3. Move Closer to Work – a shorter commute is worth more than a big house……………………Yes!  Finally I got one on the list!  It takes me between 10-20 minutes to get to any of my schools with hardly no traffic!

4. Spend Time With Family and Friends – Don’t regret it on your death bed……………………I probably could do more of this, because yes, I really do cherish the time I spend with my friends and family.

5. Go Outside – Happiness is maximized at 13.9 Degrees C………………………………..That’s a  hard concept to swallow when you are in the middle of summer in the desert!

6. Help Others – 100 Hours a year is a magical number………………………Yes!  I agree!  There is nothing like giving back to your community.  

7. Practice smiling – It Can Alleviate Pain……………………….I think smiling comes from within.  Does smiling when you don’t feel like smiling really work?

8. Plan a Trip – But don’t take one…………………………..I totally get this!  How many times have I been on vacation when i come home more exhausted than when I left?

9. Meditate – Rewire Your Brain For Happiness…………………………I think there are different forms of meditation.  Sitting and just breathing makes me a little nutty, but sitting and zoning out while I’m singing/playing guitar or crafting is almost meditative for me.

10. Practice Gratitude – Increase both happiness and life satisfaction………………………..Seriously!  How could you feel bad when you are feeling blessed.  The good news is that we are ALL blessed.  It’s a beautiful thought!

So, there it is.  The list that I have been thinking about over and over again.  The truth is, I don’t practice even half of these 10 items, but I am basically an all around happy and upbeat person.  Imagine how much happier I could be if I really did embrace each one of these items in my life?  Check out the article to read about the scientific evidence behind each one.  I can assure you…..it’s a wise article.

Of course, my song today needed to be a happy song.  I’ve always loved “Feelin’ Groovy” by Simon and Garfunkel.  It’s impossible not to smile when hearing it, so click HERE to to watch it and to take one simple step towards happiness with your day.  You’ll be glad you did.


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  1. Hi Julie! Great post. And, yes, #7 is true. You can even “fake it” by holding something between your teeth. There’s a neat study on this effect. They had research subjects hold a pen in their mouth and then use that pen to circle a number between one and five to rate a stack of funny jokes. Half the subjects were asked to hold the pen in their teeth, and pull back their lips so they didn’t touch the pen. The other half were asked to hold the pen in their pursed lips. The subjects had no idea what the study was for. All they knew was they had to use the pen held in their mouth as directed to circle the numbers to rate the jokes.

    What the scientists were studying was the theory that smiling can make you happy and frowning can make you unhappy. They realized though that if people thought they were being asked to ‘smile’ or ‘frown’ it would have an influence on their mood. However, holding the pen in their mouth with just their teeth used the same muscles as smiling in the same way, and holding it in the lips used the same muscles as frowning in the same way. So the subjects were actually rating jokes while either smiling or frowning, un-unbeknown to them. Sure enough the group holding the pen in the teeth, smile position, found the jokes really funny. The ones holding in the lips, frown position, thought they were really bad jokes and not funny at all.

    Want a quick mood boost. Smile, smile often and regularly, if you can’t remember to smile… every once in a while hold something between your teeth. Force a smile, just line those pearly whites up and pull your lips make. Let the feeling flow from your mouth over your whole body.

    I think there’s a bigger lesson here. We create our own happiness in the world. Don’t under estimate the little things, the tiny little simple things… that’s where life’s great secrets and powers reside. In a smile. Not only that, but smiles are catching. You have the power to not only light up your own life for a moment, but bring it to someone else as well.

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