Just Like Starting Over, #762


Transitions are hard!  They’re hard for adults, but it’s amazing to me to watch my children with two very different personalities go through them.  My daughter is so easy going.  She can handle any new atmosphere and does so with enthusiasm.  I love how she can walk into any room with a smile on her face and just be so positive.

My son is a completely different story.  He does not like change at all.  I watched him take in his new classroom a week ago and could see the panic setting in when he realized he didn’t know one boy in his class.  He quietly asked me after we dropped off the school supplies on the “meet your teacher” day if his teacher was going to be nice.  The wheels were turning in his head, and he was feeling ill at ease.  I could just tell.

On day two of school, I was already be talked to about his behavior in the class and there was a request already for a parent/teacher conference.  Oh dear…now the Mommy panic was setting in, too.  I am so happy I did have the opportunity to have a parent/teacher conference though, because I learned that I adore his new teacher.  She is so on the ball and kind.  I knew then and there that my son just needed to readjust to this new environment, but that eventually he would be fine.

Oh….what a difference a week makes!  My son had a stellar week this week with new friends made, knowledge learned and a little more confidence on how things will be in his new class.  Phew….can you hear my relief through the computer today?  His teacher reported that he has made incredible progress in a very short time with virtually no behavior issues.

So, here’s what I’ve learned from all of this.  Different kids handle transitions in different ways, AND!!! my son really does want to succeed.  He doesn’t want to make bad choices, but he lacks confidence and doesn’t know how to handle when he fails.  He needs constant reminders of what the right choice is, and he’ll do it.  I really believe that it is the key with him.

What a refreshing and eye-opening reality.  I am thrilled to walk away from it all feeling this way.  His teacher told me that when her own children were young, she would give them warnings.  If they exceeded their warnings, she’d make them do 15 minutes of hard labor around the house…sweep the floor, wash the dishes, etc.  I love this lady!!!  How brilliant.  They got their reminders for good behavior, and then they had to help her clean the house.  I am totally using this!

Ok…..so I am feeling much better as we enter into week #2 of school.  As we do, I am thinking of John Lennon’s song “Just like starting Over.”  The song was written for Yoko Ono and was released only a few short weeks before he died.  It was some of the last music we got from John Lennon, and the message is bittersweet knowing his devastating fate.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear the song, and know that as I’m listening to it, I am thinking of my son’s transition and am hoping it is as positive as John Lennon’s lyrics.  Thank goodness!  It seems the worst is behind us!



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