Something’s Coming, #765

The cutest little Cub Scout ever!

The cutest little Cub Scout ever!

I woke my son up yesterday morning trying to urge him out of bed with, “Today’s Cub Scout day.”  This is something he’s been looking forward to since the end of last school year, and a few weeks ago, we finally bought him his uniform, too.  His eyes popped open, and he asked immediately, “Can I wear my uniform to school?”

“No,” I explained, “It’s too hot, and you don’t want to get it yucky.” “But I want to show it to my friends.” We devised a plan.  I would pick him up from his after school program, and he could change into the uniform there to show his friends.  So, that’s what we did, and he walked around with that uniform on proud as a peacock showing his feathers.  He was all smiles.

When we arrived to the troop meeting, he marched right in barely containing his excitement.  He knew he was looking good, and it was the sweetest thing ever.

The excitement in his eyes and his outward enthusiasm is what I am thinking of as I write my blog today.  It was so awesome to see!  It makes schlepping all over town for the uniform, picking him up and rushing to get to the meeting on time, dealing with getting to next week’s special troop meeting all the way across town at the airport fire station all worth the while.  He is worth every speedy stressful “must be punctual” moment, and to see his excitement is the cherry on top of the ice cream.

My song of the day today is from the musical “West Side Story.”  The character, Tony, sings the song “Something’s Coming,” when he intuitively knows that something big is about to happen.  I think my son had his Tony from “West Side Story” moment last night.  That uniform signified an awesome year of being part of a club to him, and it made him feel special.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to hear Tony sing his song and to help share in my boy’s excitement for an awesome year ahead.



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